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The profile of our typical client is that he is a ‘close to retirement’ male foreigner residing overseas who has met a Filipina either personally or via the Internet. Over time they have established a relationship. They now both want to take that relationship a step further but have discovered issues that require a remedy.

The most common issue that the foreigner encounters is that his new found Filipina love is already married, although she has long been separated from her legal husband. The only way to be free from the husband is through obtaining an annulment or divorce in the Philippines.

They soon discover an annulment in the Philippines can be very expensive and usually becomes a long drawn out process, with the associated embarrassment and stress to the Filipina who is likely to be ordered by the Court to submit to psychiatric evaluations. These are a considerable added expense. Her foreigner friend also experiences stress through not being able to be there to support her and he suffers through frustration at the slow and complicated way the Courts operate in the Philippines.

As a result he usually spends many hours searching for information about annulment in the Philippines or alternative methods to terminate a marriage. Since there is little information available on the Internet regarding divorce in the Philippines, it is difficult to utilise or explore that information without being in the country. It is even more difficult to access information or ask questions from afar because most web sites do not respond.

Our newly-established divorce in the Philippines website is in response to the large number of referrals we get each month, we are now making it easier for people to locate us.

When our clients deal with us they know they are dealing with a Westerner as well as a highly skilled Filipina (a married couple) who are based in the Philippines and understand exactly what our clients want – a fine-tuned process to ensure they achieve their goals.

You will see a few of our clients below who were happy with our services.

sam annie Our Clients

Sam and Annie (Cagayan De Oro, Mindanao)

Two years ago Annie and me stumbled over your email address while looking for a way to get married. Annie had been separated from her husband for three years but he was always pestering her wanting money and somewhere to sleep. I tried to stop him bothering her and he said she is my asawa and I have rights!

We went to a lawyer and he arranged a Court Order forbidding him to approach her. That Order was useless and he often came to her house. She phoned the Police but he always left before they arrived so nothing happened. Then you showed us how to become divorced and we are now happily married for 1 year. Thank you for all of your help and kindness.

Sam and Annie

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kevin maria Our Clients

Kevin and Maria Shultz (USA)

Greetings from Maryland USA.  Thanks to your great work in helping with  Maria’s divorce.  We have now settled down in the USA and had no problems with the US Immigration formalities.  All of the documents provided by the Court were accepted without question.  Our baby is fine and loves the snow.

Kevin and Maria

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bianca willie Our Clients

Bianca and Willie (Bacolod, Visayas)

Willie and me were desperate to get Divorced/Annulled and a friend recommended us to contact you. Grace and you did what we thought would be impossible and better still your service and attention to detail was well above our expectations. I was divorced in just three months! We were amazed and I have now got my Australian visa. Willie and me cannot thank you enough.

Bianca and Willie

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bill myrna Our Clients

Bill and Myrna (UK)

An attorney asked for over 400,000 pesos for an annulment and we were told we must wait for almost 18 months for the annulment to be granted.  Your company (Grace) did everything for me and I was divorced very quickly and for less than half of the lawyers fee.  I did not have to take a psychiatric test as suggested by the Attorney.  We are very happy and would recommend your services to others wanting to be divorced fast and without any problems.

Bill and Myrna

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tony katrina Our Clients

Tony and Katrina (UK)

Our Annulment had been in the court for over 15 months with very slow progress until we decided to request your assistance.  The Divorce decision was obtained within three months and we were very pleased with the way you processed it.  You kept us fully informed at every stage.  I am so happy that we found you.

Tony & Katrina

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zoe juram Our Clients

Zoe and Juram (UK)

The service which we received from Paul and Grace was excellent. Everything was explained to us and we understood what was happening every step of the process. When we had any questions or concerns we always got answers promptly and were assured that everything was going to plan. We received Juram’s divorce papers within the specified time and all the documents were in order. We successfully applied for our UK marriage visa and got married in July 2011 in the UK and have been living here happily ever since.

Zoe and Juram

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