A cautionary tale

Unlike fairy tales, not all divorces and re-marrying have a happy ending. A client from three years ago wrote to tell us that the wonderful Filipina he spent a lot of money on to get her divorce in the Philippines had turned out to be an aggressive, lazy, uncooperative and generally unhelpful person (or words to that effect).

He took her to the UK and almost from the day she arrived there she complained about everything. The weather was too cold, the car he purchased for her was too small and they drove on the wrong side of the road. Of course she had no driving licence in the PI and tried to convince the UK driving instructor to pass her without having to go on a driving test…. she even tried to bribe him! Unable to get any success via that route she somehow managed to arrange to go through the normal UK driving test. Having virtually no ability to drive she failed the test even before it ended, so thought up all sorts of excuses as to why she failed. Blame is the name of her game, it seems.

Later she complained that the food was not Filipino style, and refused to cook for him and said that his house was too big for her to care for, so she wanted a maid. The list went on and on. Incidentally she was a maid when he met her. He said his life had become a total misery, even though he had gone to great trouble to help her make the considerable adjustment to living in the UK. She has discovered that living in the west is not all a bed of roses, even though the upgrade in lifestyle is considerable.

Her Filipino friends were in the house constantly eating everything in sight and only left when the cupboards were bare. They also “borrowed” many electrical appliances which were never returned.

He said they have been to marriage guidance sessions and at those sessions she had sat close to him and smilingly held his hand and rubbed his leg. She said how grateful she was that her husband had helped her obtain a divorce in the Philippines and made an excellent impression on the counsellor who concluded it was all the husband’s fault.

He is now seeking a divorce, which in the UK is a relatively simple matter.

During the courtship days he purchased a house for her in Manila which obviously is in her name. He now has to sell his home of 30 years and give her a large proportion of the proceeds from that.

Hardly a good result!

It must be the Divorce season!

This week alone we have received seven applications for further information about divorce in the Philippines. Several of them have investigated annulment in the Philippines and found that their cases could be in Court for up to three years. The couples are all eager to marry again so they have searched and found our new divorce in the philippines website. They are very interested in our fast turnaround and the fee structure which is considerably less than the standard annulment fees charged by most Attorneys.

It is not the annulment that actually takes three years to complete, it is mainly because the Courts are so busy. Each case gets a hearing allotted to it, once every month or at even greater intervals because the Judges and Courts are heavily overloaded. Fortunately we are able to by-pass many of those delaying obstacles and obtain a positive result in just a few months.

Of the seven applicants this week it appears that we can assist all of them, as based on the information they have provided, they meet our criteria.

Our only limitation is the number of clients we can deal with at any one time, so we accept those clients who respond quickly and fill in the online forms accurately. If YOU are looking for a fast and inexpensive way to obtain a divorce in the Philiipines – just fill in the initial questions on our Contact Us page and we’ll give you an honest appraisal of whether we can help you.