Divorced and living in Australia now

We are pleased to report that a client for whom we facilitated a divorce in the Philippines in April 2011 has now relocated to Australia to be with her husband. After gaining a visa they decided to settle in Adelaide until the husband has either sold or found a competent engineer to take over or manage his automotive mechanical engineering business. He said he was still interested in keeping the business operating although finding competent younger folk who genuinely wanted to work was proving difficult. He said that it seems everyone wants to sit at a desk playing with a computer. One guy who seemed promising only worked for two days before he told the boss that removing the front wheels from a vehicle to be balanced was physically too demanding so he then resigned.

The woman reports that she is very happy living in her big house and has met numerous other Filipina women and they regularly have BBQ’s at each others properties. She is in easy contact with her family and friends via Skype and emails. She helps in her husband’s business and works most days answering the phone and doing the office work. She says the best thing is that she gets paid each Thursday!

You might like to look at our FAQ page to see that an annulment in the Philippines is not the only way out of a marriage here. Perhaps we can help YOU, if you are in a similar situation?