Annulment in the Philippines

… is that the only option?

The answer to this question is a definite NO. There is a process for obtaining a divorce in the Philippines which is a lot quicker (and cheaper) than any complicated process of annulment in the Philippines.

Each day we receive many questions about our service. These questions are usually asked by a Filipina who has been referred to our website by their foreigner boyfriend or fiancé. They will usually be looking at ways she may be legally separated from her husband so she is free to marry again.

Typical questions are “how can I get free from my marriage so that I can legally remarry?” And “how can I marry my overseas fiancé, since I am still married in the Philippines?

We have chosen a selection of the many questions we have received so that readers can see the problems other people are experiencing to see if their situation is similar.


Q: I was married in the Philippines 6 years ago and had one child. When our son was born my husband decided to run away with a younger Japayuki girl and now has 2 kids with her. He left us without any food or financial help. He refuses to help us. My parents have a small food business so have helped us to survive. I have a part time job that pays our electric and water bills. Can I apply to the Court for an annulment because he abandoned me?

Ans: Abandonment by itself is insufficient grounds for an annulment in the Philippines. There must be specific grounds as described in the Family Code of the Philippines. Annulment through the Courts can take a lot of time; even up to two or three years, and will consume a huge amount of money. If there are complications such as child custody or property division, the case can become legally complicated. These complications will add considerably to the expenses of the annulment and remember that not all Petitions for Annulment are granted by the Courts.

However, there is another method we use to achieve a legal divorce so I suggest that you contact us through this website and we will give you a prompt reply. We will also ask you a few questions and give you a definite answer within 24 hours of receiving that initial information.

Q: I was married 12 years ago and one day my husband said he was joining the Army. He went away and I only saw him once after that. I never saw him in a uniform. It has been 11 years since I saw him and his friends said he was dead. I asked the Army about him and they said they did not know where he was. They would not tell me if he had joined the Army. Can I assume he is dead and can I marry again?

Ans: You cannot assume he is dead and remarry. You must produce formal proof of death maybe from the NSO. You could petition the court for a Declaration of Death. If that is granted you would then be free to remarry. That can be an expensive as well as a complicated legal case to prove.

If you choose to adopt our proven methods we can offer a quick and uncomplicated way to achieve a divorce in the Philippines. Use the Contact Us page to request further information.

Q: My American husband married me in the Philippines and we lived in the USA for several years. We were divorced in the USA three years ago and a property settlement was agreed to and that is all over now. He now wants to marry another Filipina in the PI. I also want to remarry in the PI. Is the US divorce recognized in the Philippines?

Ans: If your marriage occurred in the Philippines and was registered with the Local Civil Registrar (LCR) and the National Statistics Office (NSO) those records must be amended and annotated. This can only be done by Court Order. The process is similar to a full annulment. Fortunately, we can assist you to have your marriage terminated in a much less complicated way so please contact us.

Q: When Petitioning for an annulment in the Philippines is it always necessary to be examined by a Psychiatrist? I have heard that I will be ordered by the court to be assessed by a psychiatrist and that the testing will be very expensive.

Ans: Psychiatric assessments are sometimes ordered by the court if the grounds for annulment is related to Psychological Inability. We cannot advise you the current cost of these examinations although a year ago they were around 28,000Php per session.

Q: I am a 63 year old US citizen who has decided to see out my days in a constantly warm climate in the Philippines. I enjoy beaches and snorkelling. I have also met a very attractive and caring Filipina lady much younger than me. She is married but has lived separately from her husband. He has a reputation for violence against women and he has beaten my lady several times while he was drunk. He told her that he will oppose any annulment or divorce action. Now that I am around he keeps his distance . I enjoy her company and we get along very well. For personal reasons I would like to marry her as soon as possible. We have plans to build a house very near the beach on land owned by her parents. My question is how can I commence an annulment or divorce action?

Ans: Yours is a very common question and one that we have dealt with many times. We can definitely assist you and your fiancée to facilitate a legal and binding divorce in the Philippines without complications. Her husband’s cooperation or objections will not delay a successful outcome. Just contact us and provide a little more information that we will ask via a Questionnaire. We have facilitated numerous divorces of this nature and we are confident we can do the same for you.

Q: Is your service 100% legal?

Ans: We are absolutely 100% legal and divorces facilitated by us have been accepted by the Local Civil Registrar (LCR) and the National Statistics Office (NSO). The Certificates of Finality have also been accepted as valid by the embassies of many countries when Visa applications have subsequently been made.