Have no doubts …

Our website continues to attract an average of eight inquiries each week.  That is very pleasing to us and as a result we are currently preparing three Petitions for Divorce that will be lodged in Court within a week.

Some inquirers say that they can’t believe that divorce in the Philippines is possible and it is very difficult change their mind, even though we have been doing this every month for years. We often wonder why these people make contact in the first place, as they clearly believe they already have all the answers!

We keep a copy of each divorce we facilitate for our own records but obviously we cannot publish those annotated NSO documents as that would constitute a serious breach of client confidentiality.  Many of our clients have sent us testimonials with permission to refer to them in general terms on our site.  However we obviously cannot divulge email addresses without the client’s written permission.

A couple of years ago a prospective client requested the email address of a client so that he could verify our legitimacy.  We asked a client who we knew well if they would be willing for us to pass their email address to this person and they agreed.

Unfortunately the person inquiring had a few personal problems with the concept of divorce in general and had then sent many emails to our client berating them and telling them how they will burn in hell for breaking the sanctity of marriage and that God would punish them forever.  Needless to say that person did not ask for our assistance to facilitate a divorce, but just wanted to stand on his own soapbox and preach to anyone that would listen!

That was not a good experience for our clients and after several weeks of harassment they finally decided to temporarily change their email address. So for that very reason we do not divulge a clients name or contact details until we have thoroughly checked out the person making the inquiry.

Fortunately we still have a few ex-clients who are willing to respond to emails from people wanting to check us out! They can confirm without any doubt that divorce in the Philippines IS perfectly possible – from their own personal experience.

An Australian Immigration Consultant also uses our service for his clients so it becomes very convenient to process the divorce and visa application in parallel as the time frame to complete both jobs is about the same.  However, the NSO clearance is one of the most important documents required by the Australian Immigration Office, so those contemplating taking their fiancées to an overseas country should be aware of that.

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