Divorce IS possible – no debate needed!

Since we launched our new web site www.divorceinthephilippines.com we have been receiving an average of five new inquiries each week.

Many people do not believe or understand that divorce IS possible in the Philippines and that it is also completely legal!  Divorce is definitely possible and legal providing that some basic conditions have been met.

Just this week we completed two divorces and sent the NSO annotated papers to our clients.

We currently have three Petitions either before the Court or in the final processing stages.  A further four potential clients have been sent further information as part of our follow up procedure.

Of course not every inquiry results in a client because some applicants decide not to follow our method.  That is perfectly acceptable to us but they often come back simply because they have discovered that the alternative to a divorce is an annulment in the Philippines which can be expensive and also take a long time to complete.  They also discover (assuming they have an honest attorney) that some annulments are not granted and in those cases the client will lose their money.  An appeal is just another cost and probably another financial loss.  Few appeals for denied annulments are granted.

Despite our web site stating that divorce is possible, and testimonials from people we have already served, we still get emails from people who want to argue in highly personal and abusive terms that divorce is not possible in the Philippines. They then proceed to quote (or rather mis-quote) myths and rumours including sections of various legal statutes in order to justify their lack of ability to comprehend the Law.  Sometimes the dialogue branches out into a philosophical debate related to the morals and other implications of divorce.

If we do not respond to the personal email attacks it might appear as an admission of guilt and that we have something to hide.  On the other hand if we do respond it simply encourages the people to write more and more believing they will uncover some hidden secret.

The facts are that there are no hidden secrets and every aspect of our work is honest and above all else – legal.

Could any intelligent person really believe that we have managed to fool the Courts of this country and provide convincing evidence that would  justify them declaring a marriage terminated?  I think not!

If anyone has had the experience of opening a business, buying land or obtain a title to property through the numerous Philippine Govt departments they must immediately realise that it is next to impossible to achieve a positive legal result and reach their objective unless each step has been meticulously examined and legitimised in every detail.

Foreigners here on a tourist visa meet these bureaucratic obstacles whenever they need to attend the Bureau of Immigration for a visa extension.  Sometimes it is quick and at other times it can take several hours.

The people that have tried to claim and show evidence that divorce is impossible have encouraged me to write this brief note to add to our web pages for all to read. As we say in our web site introduction, “it costs nothing to ask our opinion”. However if you just want some philosophical debate, please express your opinions (as opposed to the facts) elsewhere?


  1. how i will be secure that this site is legal how much do i need to pay iam filipina and 5years married in philippines iam here in gulf country and fell in love with one egyptian man he is single long time he want to marry me but the problem in my passport also iam carrying the surname of my husband i dont love him anymore in many reason i cannot continue to love him totally im out of love with him

    • Ana – please start the process by filling in the details on the Contact Us page. There is no committment to do anything, we just need the basic details to assess your position.


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